10 Facts about me!

  1. I am a natural at cow leading and training for special cow/calf events.Image result for brooke bayne Image result for brooke bayne
  2. I was born in the Taieri, a place just out of Dunedin.
  3. I broke my leg when I was 6 years old, and I was in hospital for 2 weeks (that was annoying.)
  4. I would love to be a large animal vet!
  5. I am a deputy house captain for, blue house Campbell.
  6. My favorite animal is a Turtle!!
  7. I play field hockey, basketball, touch, and I did Highland Dancing but finished that this year.
  8. I am animal crazy.
  9. I am very good at cow judging.
  10. I love the beach.


100wc Part 2 – Polly

Polly pulled the bike but it was heavier than expected. After a while Polly and her friends had meet up in a world where bikes were completely stuck to power poles, and random doors were everywhere. Polly wondered how one bike could have changed her life, how was she getting out of here? What dress was she going to where tomorrow? What door should she go through? Polly asked Tilly if she had any ideas but the only one she came up with was building stuff like a house or a shop, which Polly was definitely not helping her with.

100wc Part 1 – Polly

On the 11th of February 3021 Polly Pocket, Ella and Tilly Green were walking down the street listening to Tilly’s music from the newest app called Tangy, when they found a bright yellow old looking bike, which looked like something from the 2020’s. Tilly pulled at the handle bars of the bike hoping to pull it off the power pole. Ella screamed as she watched Tilly disappear into the bike, and Polly screamed ‘ah I got dust on my new dress!, I mean where did she go?’ Ella pulled the bike and disappeared too, leaving Polly to work out what happened…

Growth Mindset

I think having a growth mindset is important because it means you work hard to achieve your goals and complete tasks. A growth mindset comes in handy lots, like if your told to do a job and its not as easy as you thought you can use a growth mindset and tell yourself you can do it. Using a growth mindset it basically just believing in your self and telling yourself you can do it. I used a growth mindset when I got my highest score on a thing we do called hundreds club (we have to complete 100 math questions in 5 minutes) I used a positive attitude and told myself I would be able to complete it, I ended up getting my highest score yet and I was really proud of myself.

By Brooke

I’m Looking Forward To…

This year my family and I get to have our cow sale. Because of covid last year we weren’t able to have it but, if everything stays well and covid doesn’t take off in NZ again we will be able to keep it going. I love having the cow sale because I always get to help out and get time off school to prepare the cows. I even get to lead a calf around the ring. The last cow sale we had was in 2018 and we had planned to have our next one in 2020, but it has been postponed to 2021! We get fitters and photographers over from Australia. The photographer takes photos and makes videos about the cow sale and includes lot of details about the cows because  most of our cows and calves come from America. The fitters groom the cows to make them look good and keep them clean for when they get lead around the ring. Every single cow and calf gets taught how to get led around on the halter and lead. I am super excited about the cow sale and I hope it goes to plan!!

By Brooke