I didn’t mean to kill her

Brooke trained her world famous cows everyday, but Lulu was her favourite by far. She took her to lots of different shows and halter trained her all the time.

One bright day Brooke noticed that Lulu wasn’t doing too well and she didn’t seem to be keeping up with the other cows on the halter. Lulu kept getting worse and worse until, 3 weeks later Brooke decided to call the vet and check what was wrong. The vet showed up in a muddy old ute, and when she saw Lulu she was super uncertain of what could be wrong. That’s when Brooke started to worry. A few days later the vet came back with some medicine she thought might help Lulu, but Brooke was still worried, would she be at another show again? What if medicine didn’t work? The vet gave Lulu her medicine and told Brooke that it should start to work in about 2-3 days.

4 days later Lulu was doing worse than before and the vet had realised that she had given Lulu the wrong medicine, and Lulu was going to die! The vet felt really bad and said to Brooke “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to kill her.”

Brooke realised now that the vet company she had just used was fake and a scam. Brooke and her friend Isabella wanted to be vets so they opened up their own vet company that used the correct medicines and never killed animals unless it was necessary.

Christmas Movies with Friends

My friends and I have decided to watch a Christmas movie every single night of December. Last night we watched Christmas Chronicles 2 and tonight we will watch Princess Switched 2 and tomorrow we are watching The Grinch who stole Christmas. I am super excited about doing this because we will get to watch all sorts of christmas movies. I am excited to watch movies I have never watched before and I’m also excited to see movies my friends enjoy. I think everyone should try this because you get to watch all different types of movies.

Who Did It Better?: How The Grinch Stole Christmas - Big Picture Film Club

Dancing Break-up

Every Monday afternoon I go to Highland Dancing practice. I have done it for 7 years now and every break-up we get jelly and ice-cream after our Christmas concert. I will be preforming a Christmas concert this afternoon, which includes all different aged children from 5 – 12 years old. I am super excited about preforming this afternoon because my friend Isla will be watching our performance. We do a simple dance called a Highland Fling to Christmas carols and we do new dances we have learnt that year too. This year I will be doing the Irish Jig, Seann Triubhas, Highland Reel, Highland Fling and the Christmas dance on stage. We don’t have to wear our actual outfits, but we do have to where a purple plaid or plain purple skirt and a white top provided by our teacher, we also use ribbons to make the dance look more professional. Overall I like doing the Highland Dancing Break-up and enjoy how we get jelly and ice-cream at the end.

By Brooke

100 wc Week #12 (21)

It was the year 2326 when I had decided to invent a tocumber, a cucumber cross tomato. A few of my friends came to try, but I decided to only give it to the man who had volunteered to taste test the tocumber, he said it tasted delicious and he would love to have more, but I told him there was not enough and he would have to come back for more tomorrow. The next day he arrived and said “ He felt really ill.” Then I realised the seeds I planted were poisonous and so was the tocumber he ate.



The dust flew from under my feet as I slid down the steep hill, tightly holding onto the old rope beside me. Our instructor was passing around a black, shiny, dusty bit of what looked like plastic. Everyone had passed around or taken a bite of the random item and we were told it was a shark egg. After lots of walking our group made it to a small pool of water. I stood on the rock covered in rough barnacles, and next minute I was in the ice cold water. We were shown where lava and water meet, in this cave area. Our group had made our way through echoing caves and we had walked on rocks above crashing waves. The cold water and slimy seaweed surrounded me as I treed-ed the water. Avoiding the barnacles and belly flop competitions was my main focus. We made our way back to the rocky shore and we struggled back up the dusty hill to the car. We arrived back to very enthusiastic instructors yelling out instructions of how to clean our gear. Wet-suits, helmets, and life jackets were all clean and it was time to head back to the camp. 


Kelsey Smith

Kelsey Smith is a hockey player she plays for New Zealand and her position is inner. Kelsey was born on 11 August 1994 in Nelson NZ, she is 26 years old. She played her first game for the national team in 2015 against Argentina. Kelsey Smith won the Gold Coast Common Wealth Games in 2018. She also ranked 4th in the 2016 Rio Olympics. Kelsey started playing hockey just to be with her friends and her favourite animal is elephant. The most inflectional people in her life are her Mum and Dad.

By Brooke

Term 3 Review

It is nearly the end of term 3! Term 3 has been the only full term of school this year, because of corona-virus. During term 3 I have started Basketball, we have not lost any games and are yet to play the finals this Wednesday. I have really enjoyed playing basketball and in the photos I am player 3. We have also had Youth Town (YT.) At Youth Town we are taught to play lots of different games I have never played before, like Tchuckball, you use nets and a ball, the aim of the game is to through the ball at the net and if no one catches it you get 2 points. If someone does catch it you don’t get any points and if someone catches it but accidently drops it then you get 1 point. Also we have a new playground which has just started today. Over-all I have enjoyed this term and am excited to come back to a  new playground and new fun activities.

By Brooke


Who Is My Hero?

As you know from past posts I love playing hockey, so you guessed it my hero is a hockey player. 25 year old Brooke Roberts plays for the Black Sticks Hockey Team and is the goal keeper. Brooke Roberts grew up in Whangarei and she currently lives at Auckland north shore. Brooke started playing hockey at the age of 5 and she said that her family have been there for her 100% of the time and they are super supportive. Her number one tip for young players is to respect your opponent. Brooke’s favorite food is ginger slice and she enjoys playing with her pet dog Andre. Brooke is player number #10 and her team has also won the 2018 NHL (National Hockey League.)

By Brooke

Year 7/8 Trip

This week we had the year 7/8 trip, we did ice skating and curling. Every year we have the year 7/8 ski camp, but this year we had to change it because the snow was terrible. Instead we went to the Dunedin ice skating and curling place. I was a bit worried about doing this because I hadn’t been ice skating for so many years and I had NEVER been curling. I really enjoyed the curling and I found it super fun because it was a new experience. I also enjoyed the ice skating but not as much as the curling, this was because I couldn’t skate very well and I was pretty scared that I would fall over. Under neath is a photo of the ice skating and curling.

By Brooke

Review of Gemma Mccaw!

Gemma Mccaw is a New Zealander that plays field hockey. She has represented her country 3 times at summer Olympics. Gemma Mccaw is 30 years old and is married to Richie Mccaw, who also played rugby representing New Zealand. Gemma Mccaw played for the Black Sticks, and when she retired she had a total of 72 goals. She has one child named Charlotte Rose Mccaw, Charlotte was born on December 13, 2018. I am a huge fan of hockey and I would one day love to meet Gemma Mccaw.

By Brooke

Black Sticks great Gemma McCaw retires from international hockey after  Olympics postponement | 1 NEWS | TVNZ