Going to the Blacksmiths

Going to the Blacksmiths

A few weeks ago we went to the Blacksmiths and Tilly and I got to make a hook for the wall. We had to heat the metal in the fire and then we had to get a hammer and shape the metal to how we wanted it. Our hook turned out different to the others because we faced the hook inside when it was supposed to go outside, but that doesn’t matter because you can fix it. We also got to do twists in the metal. We put it in a vice and twisted it and brushed it off with a wire brush. Then it was finished and the people that worked there put screws in the top. All the classes from Duntroon School went and made something. I also learnt that it is the only Blacksmith in NZ with a lady working there. The Blacksmith has been go for over 100 years.

By Brooke


100wc #wk33 2021

After hours of running through the paddock we spotted an object not far away in the distance. Jess and I walked into what looked to be, like an old abandoned lighthouse. We found ourself walking in circles up an old creaky staircase, covered in Ivy. Just as we started to reach the top Jess decided to take a rest. She leant across the wall and the whole place lit up. In freight we ran to the top of the old place, only to find a box of books. I opened one and found a map that we decided to follow…

Cow Sale!

Tomorrow is our cow sale and I’m SUPER excited! We have around 86 Holstien Friesian cows selling and 4 crossbreds. Almost all of the cows selling have ancestors from North America or the come directly from there. Our sale is the best in the Southern Hemisphere. This week we have had around 10 cow fitters working at the fitting shed. A cow fitter is someone the gets the cows ready for sales or shows. Over the past week my sisters, Mum, Dad, 10 ish fitters and I have been washing and clipping cows. Also over the past 2 weeks we have had nearly 15 calves born, 5 of them will be in the sale. My 2 sisters and I get to lead a calf around the sale ring each. It is an on-farm sale meaning anyone can come but, we do have 2 online options such as the Facebook live and we also use a site called Bidr. Its when you can see a live video of the sale but you can also bid on the cow you would like to buy. We have a few fitters that have come from Australia and we also have an auctioneer (the person that sells the cow) coming from Australia too. One of my favorite parts of the sale is getting to set up, we have to hang lot numbers, put up posters, get the cows haltered and ready, get merch ready, get food sources ready, make sure every cow and calf is ready to go on the stage, make sure they always have hay and water, etc… So as you can see the cow sale is a bit of work but it pays of and is an awesome event! I can’t wait for tomorrow…. sale day!!!!!

My Favorite Novel….

I usually don’t read novels because I prefer true stories but if I had to chose it would probably be Charlotte’s Web. by E. B. White. I like Charlotte’s Web because it is on a farm and I love living on a farm my-self. I also like it because I like pigs (the main character) and I also like how they added in other farm animals, such as the cow, goose and sheep. My favorite character would be Wilbur the little runt piglet, but if I had to chose a second favorite it would definitely be Golly the funny and very dumb goose! I suggest you read it but I think it is mostly for younger children.


Duck Shooting in the Holidays

On the last weekend of the holidays I went duck shooting! We got 85 mallards and 2 paradise ducks. We got up at 4:00AM on opening morning so we could set up about 200 decoys between 2 different ponds. We went shooting at a place called Henley a small area just below Dunedin. We had 2 Mai Mais one on both ponds. I was in a Mai Mai with my 2 uncles, my 2 cousins and my sister. The other Mai Mai was floating on the water and had 5 people in it. Some people took home ducks to pluck and eat for their family. One man took home most of the ducks to pluck and give away to friends and family. I loved duck shooting and I can’t wait for next season!!

By Brooke

5 Things I would Change in the World

  1. Everyone gets to choose their dream jobs, and when they are old enough they get to do that job. If someone changes their dream job it doesn’t matter they can change to their new dream job whenever.
  2. Everyone has a secret power, but they don’t get to choose their power they are born with it and they can’t get rid of it, unless they tell someone about it then they can’t keep their power and they don’t get a new one.
  3. Homeless people would receive $50 a month and they get free essentials like pillows, blankets, new clothing and free food. People help the homeless by teaching things to earn money. The homeless also get a free medical check-up.
  4. I would invent a cure for all diseases, cancers and any other viruses or sicknesses. People could get this shot whenever they want because it also prevents getting any illnesses.
  5. Everyone has to eat a piece of meat at least once a week, if they don’t they go to jail.

10 Facts about me!

  1. I am a natural at cow leading and training for special cow/calf events.Image result for brooke bayne Image result for brooke bayne
  2. I was born in the Taieri, a place just out of Dunedin.
  3. I broke my leg when I was 6 years old, and I was in hospital for 2 weeks (that was annoying.)
  4. I would love to be a large animal vet!
  5. I am a deputy house captain for, blue house Campbell.
  6. My favorite animal is a Turtle!!
  7. I play field hockey, basketball, touch, and I did Highland Dancing but finished that this year.
  8. I am animal crazy.
  9. I am very good at cow judging.
  10. I love the beach.


100wc Part 2 – Polly

Polly pulled the bike but it was heavier than expected. After a while Polly and her friends had meet up in a world where bikes were completely stuck to power poles, and random doors were everywhere. Polly wondered how one bike could have changed her life, how was she getting out of here? What dress was she going to where tomorrow? What door should she go through? Polly asked Tilly if she had any ideas but the only one she came up with was building stuff like a house or a shop, which Polly was definitely not helping her with.

100wc Part 1 – Polly

On the 11th of February 3021 Polly Pocket, Ella and Tilly Green were walking down the street listening to Tilly’s music from the newest app called Tangy, when they found a bright yellow old looking bike, which looked like something from the 2020’s. Tilly pulled at the handle bars of the bike hoping to pull it off the power pole. Ella screamed as she watched Tilly disappear into the bike, and Polly screamed ‘ah I got dust on my new dress!, I mean where did she go?’ Ella pulled the bike and disappeared too, leaving Polly to work out what happened…