Cow Sale!

Tomorrow is our cow sale and I’m SUPERΒ excited! We have around 86 Holstien Friesian cows selling and 4 crossbreds. Almost all of the cows selling have ancestors from North America or the come directly from there. Our sale is the best in the Southern Hemisphere. This week we have had around 10 cow fitters working at the fitting shed. A cow fitter is someone the gets the cows ready for sales or shows. Over the past week my sisters, Mum, Dad, 10 ish fitters and I have been washing and clipping cows. Also over the past 2 weeks we have had nearly 15 calves born, 5 of them will be in the sale. My 2 sisters and I get to lead a calf around the sale ring each. It is an on-farm sale meaning anyone can come but, we do have 2 online options such as the Facebook live and we also use a site called Bidr. Its when you can see a live video of the sale but you can also bid on the cow you would like to buy. We have a few fitters that have come from Australia and we also have an auctioneer (the person that sells the cow) coming from Australia too. One of my favorite parts of the sale is getting to set up, we have to hang lot numbers, put up posters, get the cows haltered and ready, get merch ready, get food sources ready, make sure every cow and calf is ready to go on the stage, make sure they always have hay and water, etc… So as you can see the cow sale is a bit of work but it pays of and is an awesome event! I can’t wait for tomorrow…. sale day!!!!!

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