Review of Gemma Mccaw!

Gemma Mccaw is a New Zealander that plays field hockey. She has represented her country 3 times at summer Olympics. Gemma Mccaw is 30 years old and is married to Richie Mccaw, who also played rugby representing New Zealand. Gemma Mccaw played for the Black Sticks, and when she retired she had a total of 72 goals. She has one child named Charlotte Rose Mccaw, Charlotte was born on December 13, 2018. I am a huge fan of hockey and I would one day love to meet Gemma Mccaw.

By Brooke

Black Sticks great Gemma McCaw retires from international hockey after  Olympics postponement | 1 NEWS | TVNZ

Tech Week Review

Last week I had tech, I was in art. We started the week with finger painting, I painted a landscape that my teacher printed of the internet. It was a lot more detailed than I expected, but it turned out really good. Then we learnt how to do a 10 minute landscape, using chalk pastels. On the 2nd last day we did a Romero Britto styled piece of art work, I did my grandparents house. We had to use lots of bright colors and patterns and we weren’t allowed to have any white. In my free time I was allowed to do some line drawing. You do this my tracing or drawing an object make sure you do it in pencil though. Then you want to get a ruler and a vivid and start drawing lines down the page in one direction. Then do the same on the object but going the opposite way. This is a reallyΒ  fun task for when your bored and I would recommend trying it. Overall I had a super fun week and can’t wait to go back!

By Brooke

Reflection on learning conferences

A learning conference is where your parents and you go to meet your teacher to find out how well you are going with your learning. I like learning conferences because they let me know what I can do next with my learning and what I need to keep up with. I feel like my learning conference went really well because I am at where I’m supposed to be and I know where I can improve. I feel like my learning is going really well and I am super happy with my reading level. One of the things I would like to keep practicing is my times tables so I can hit 100 in my hundreds club and just keep improving in my general maths. In the end me and my parents were both very happy with the outcome. I really like learning conferences because I get to find out where I’m at with my learning.

By Brooke

My Weekend.

This weekend I got to watch a cesarean on a cow. We were checking our cows to see if the had calved, because here in New Zealand it is the time were cows calf. We ended up having to call a vet to come help do a c-section. A c-section is where you have to cut open the cow and pull the calf out, (the cow cant feel it.)

After that was done we had to go and visit another cow that couldn’t stand up. Turns out the reason she couldn’t stand was because, she had 150 Litres of fluid and one massive calf inside her. After this we ended up getting home at 11:00pm. The next day we had to get all the fluid out and the do another c-section, but on this cow. Now both cows are slowly recovering and getting back to normal health.

By Brooke