My first weekend out of lock-down!

This weekend I was able to go down to Dunedin! It was the opening weekend of duck shooting 2020 a lot later than it would have been, we shot 97 ducks in the 2 days. I got to celebrate my sister Sophia’s birthday with my extended family down in Dunedin. I did enjoy lock-down but going to Dunedin was super fun after not being able to see my extended family for a long time. In the end, visiting my family in Dunedin and going duck shooting was super fun and I cant wait to do it again.

By Brooke!

Lock-Down Work

Great Grandad John 

My mum has taught me all about

A soldier who was great!

My Great Grandad John 

She said you served in WW2 

From 39-42

With courage, strength and bravery

You left your home and family.


Not knowing what might be ahead

You boarded upon the train mum said 

Hugged goodbye your mum and dad 

And off you went.


On April 25th each year 

We make our wreaths and poppies too

It is so special to remember you

Nana gets the photos out 

Medal, albums, and diaries all about.

They tell us about what you went through

And make me feel so proud of you too.


By Brooke Bayne


This is some of my work I did during lock-down I entered this poem into the Anzac Writing Competition.


Going Back to School!

New Zealand is now in Alert Level 2, that means we are allowed to go back to school. I was super excited to see my friends. I am really enjoying these first days of school, because I didn’t really like the homeschooling. We had been homeschooling for about 5 weeks. I have really enjoyed making our title pages for our new topics this term. I am really glad to be back and I am super happy we have really low numbers of Covid-19.

100wc #32

One night a girl found an old hut in the pine trees, she thought it would be a good idea to go up there and explore. Inside the hut was a big mess, everything was tipped over. The the girl left and decided to come back tomorrow. When she arrived the next day she, started to clean everything up and make the hut her’s. Little did she know that a baby fox had been living in there and sleeping in a pile of old blankets. She went to pick it up and said “but should I really do this, ahhh.”