100wc Week #30

For the past month NZ has been in lockdown, but not to long ago we moved to level 3, which means we can do more stuff in town but not too much. When we were in full lockdown we couldn’t get takeaways, but now we can. I am really excited for when my sporting activities start back up, but I can’t wait to see all my family and friends. I partly liked lockdown, because we did a lot of crafts and we lead all our pet calves lots. I think that the lockdown has been a really cool experience.

By Brooke!

Dairy Entry, 16 April, 2020

Today I started my work early in the morning, then I went on FaceTime with Mrs Campbell and the other year 7s. I had a toastie for lunch and then I went to measure the paddock in front of our house for our maths task today. I came inside and posted some work on seesaw and I think I might go for a walk to the calves/cows this afternoon!

Lockdown Experience

During the lockdown my family and I had a picnic up in the forest beside our house. It made me think how lucky we are to live on a farm that has a lot of space, especially during this lockdown. Then before we left the forest we had a scavengerhunt, we had to find things like the tiniest pinecone and a feather it was surprisingly hard. My favourite thing about the picnic was that I got to spend quality time with my family, when I usually would have been at school! In the end I felt really happy that I was in an amazing environment and with the people I love!