Term 2 Reflection!

During term 2 we had lock down learning and also a lot of fun activities that we did at normal school.

What have I enjoyed? One of my favorite activities this term was tech, we do a lot of fun activities at OIS.

Have I made improvements in certain subjects, how do I know? I think I have really improved in my math and learning fraction and percentages much better, I have realized this because I know  last term I wouldn’t have been able to do this.

What am I most proud of? This term we have been learning how to do an ODE we did one to summer which I was really proud of.

What could I get better at? One of the things I think I could have gotten better at is the NZCM math book we do.

I really enjoyed term 2 because we got to do part lock down learning and part normal school, have you enjoyed term 2 as well?

Fun things in Winter!!

Winter for me means possum trapping! I do possum trapping in winter when possums have better fur. Last year I got $50 worth of possum fur. But a one of the bad things are that it means you have to go out in the cold, frosty morning to check them. I really enjoy possum trapping and I hope i have a good outcome this year.

Frosty Pine Cone | Pine cones, Winter christmas, Winter wonder

Things I learnt about Water/Water Cycle

A few things I learnt about water and the water cycle is:

-That the water we drink today has been around for 3.8 billion years old.                -A cloud is formed by lots of minuscule droplets of water, also known as vapor.    -There are 3 types of water forms, liquid, solid and gas.                                                -68.7% of earths water is trapped in glaciers.                                                                    -Nearly 97% of the worlds water is salty or undrinkable.                                              -A lot of the worlds water is from the ocean.                                                                    – -Clouds are formed from so many little water particles that when they are together they form a big white cloud.

Those are just a couple of them I learnt and down the bottom is a photo of the water cycle.