100 Word Challenge – Week #24

Squirt’s Side of the Story

“Help, a shark” I yelled, trying to swim away. Bruce was chasing me, I screamed “Dory, Nemo come help.” Dory and Nemo grabbed one of my flippers each, trying to pull me away. “I’m trying to hold on” he said, still holding on to me. Then finally they pulled me away, from Bruce the Shark. Later Nigel the pelican came in and ate Bruce the shark, to save all the other little turtles.

To read Dory’s side of the story go to http://isabellahall20.edublogs.org

To read Nemo’s side of the story go to http://stormshanahan20.edublogs.org

The End!

My favourite Book!

My favourite book would have to be Juliet Nearly a Vet, farm friends , which is book 3 out of the whole series. It is about a girl who is 10 years old named Juliet, she wants to be a vet, and it is spring meaning that all the baby animals are being born! She has baby ducklings and chicks to look after, orphan lambs and Bella the cow is having a calf. When I am older I would like to be a vet so when I found this books series they were very interesting. She has tips and tricks throughout the book about how to be a vet. I love reading this book and I recommend them for girls aged 8-10 years old.

By Brooke!

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