Dancing Break-up

Every Monday afternoon I go to Highland Dancing practice. I have done it for 7 years now and every break-up we get jelly and ice-cream after our Christmas concert. I will be preforming a Christmas concert this afternoon, which includes all different aged children from 5 – 12 years old. I am super excited about preforming this afternoon because my friend Isla will be watching our performance. We do a simple dance called a Highland Fling to Christmas carols and we do new dances we have learnt that year too. This year I will be doing the Irish Jig, Seann Triubhas, Highland Reel, Highland Fling and the Christmas dance on stage. We don’t have to wear our actual outfits, but we do have to where a purple plaid or plain purple skirt and a white top provided by our teacher, we also use ribbons to make the dance look more professional. Overall I like doing the Highland Dancing Break-up and enjoy how we get jelly and ice-cream at the end.

By Brooke

100 wc Week #12 (21)

It was the year 2326 when I had decided to invent a tocumber, a cucumber cross tomato. A few of my friends came to try, but I decided to only give it to the man who had volunteered to taste test the tocumber, he said it tasted delicious and he would love to have more, but I told him there was not enough and he would have to come back for more tomorrow. The next day he arrived and said “ He felt really ill.” Then I realised the seeds I planted were poisonous and so was the tocumber he ate.



The dust flew from under my feet as I slid down the steep hill, tightly holding onto the old rope beside me. Our instructor was passing around a black, shiny, dusty bit of what looked like plastic. Everyone had passed around or taken a bite of the random item and we were told it was a shark egg. After lots of walking our group made it to a small pool of water. I stood on the rock covered in rough barnacles, and next minute I was in the ice cold water. We were shown where lava and water meet, in this cave area. Our group had made our way through echoing caves and we had walked on rocks above crashing waves. The cold water and slimy seaweed surrounded me as I treed-ed the water. Avoiding the barnacles and belly flop competitions was my main focus. We made our way back to the rocky shore and we struggled back up the dusty hill to the car. We arrived back to very enthusiastic instructors yelling out instructions of how to clean our gear. Wet-suits, helmets, and life jackets were all clean and it was time to head back to the camp.