5 Things I would Change in the World

  1. Everyone gets to choose their dream jobs, and when they are old enough they get to do that job. If someone changes their dream job it doesn’t matter they can change to their new dream job whenever.
  2. Everyone has a secret power, but they don’t get to choose their power they are born with it and they can’t get rid of it, unless they tell someone about it then they can’t keep their power and they don’t get a new one.
  3. Homeless people would receive $50 a month and they get free essentials like pillows, blankets, new clothing and free food. People help the homeless by teaching things to earn money. The homeless also get a free medical check-up.
  4. I would invent a cure for all diseases, cancers and any other viruses or sicknesses. People could get this shot whenever they want because it also prevents getting any illnesses.
  5. Everyone has to eat a piece of meat at least once a week, if they don’t they go to jail.