100 Word Challenge – Brooke

Once upon a time there lived a very dusty, giraffe that loved the forest. He spent his whole day walking there and during sunset he sat and sang his very long, painful song; “La la la, maa maa maa…”until midnight. The forest was right outside of Lila’s house and he started to sing every night right as she went to bed with her pink teddy bear. The next day on Feb 21st, 2020 Lila set out to find who was making that noise all night, she walked up the hill, across the creek and to the forest then she saw giraffe.Image result for giraffe in a forest sunset

My Best Childhood Memory

My best childhood memory is when we had our cow sale in 2018, the best bit was when I got to lead a really fancy calf around the arena. I remember I welcomed everybody in with my sister Sophia and my friend Alexa, it was so amazing. We had all of the cows and calves on the lead ropes ready for their turn, there was so many people and it went really well. I had to sell my cow named Missy, which was really sad, she went to someone very nice, who lived in the North Island. Her mum is named Missy too she lives in Canada and sold for 1.2 million dollars. Before the sale actually happened we had a-lot of preparation to do, we needed someone to groom and clean them, someone to lead them and of course an auctioneer. It was so amazing and I can’t wait for the sale again this year-2020.

By Brooke Nathan and Amanda Bayne with their daughters Brooke, Sophia and Lilly-Grace and 6-week-old heifer calf Hailstorm. Photo / PGG WrightsonNo photo description available.

Where I’m From – George Ella Lyon

                   Where I’m From!

                  (inspired by George Ella Lyon)               

                    I am from fun holidays at Nelson,

                    Waking up early every morning,

                      Feeding and leading calves,

                          Playing hockey with Stolabrooke,

                    Mountains surrounding me all the time.


                  I am from “do what you like” and “we’ll see,”

                     Camping with friends,

                 Finding wild animals and looking after them,

                   Calving in January, for the sale you see.


                  I am from the smell of Grandma’s baking,

                  Hot Chocolate on a cold winter’s morning. 

              I’m from splashing the water on a nice summer day.

                  I am from the Taieri in Dunedin. 

                                 By Brooke

Welcome to Brookes blog!

Hi there,

It’s Brooke I live in New Zealand – North Otago, I love to play Hockey and I do Highland dancing. I have 2 sisters, both younger than me named, Sophia and Lilly-Grace, my parents are Nathan and Amanda. I live on a farm in Duntroon and I love having pet calves every year. I have joined the A and P shows previous years. I possum trap every year in winter, we ship the fur over to other countries usually for clothing. I have a pet dog named Rose she is a Huntaway, I have a Guinea Pig and I also have a pet cow named Buttercup.

By Brooke